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Office Celebration

Celebrate unfamiliar holidays

KanakElite This approach is a great way to highlight and honor the diverse backgrounds of your peers. Celebrating these holidays encourages a deeper understanding of co-workers and an appreciation of the cultural significance of the events. Kankelite helps build the experience and reputation of its employees


Birthdays celebration

KanakElite sends out teammate event invitations for birthdays and worker to mark dates on all cloud-based calendars Remembering and observing your coworkers' special days is a way to build relationships between remote teams and promote inclusivity. Simple but powerful way.

Online holiday party

Kankelite is likely to have his teammates live in different states, countries or continents. You can't gather for a rocking in-person party without racking up big airfare expenses. To organize an online holiday party, send invites to your attendees for web meetings, Zoom meetings, and entertain your guests with fun virtual party activities.