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Target Hitter

Target Hitter with Your Work Today:

Don’t Let Others Take Your Time

If you let other people take your time, soon you will have nothing left for yourself. Avoid gossip sessions. Avoid "favours". Let others know you are busy and get back to them when you are finished.


Clearly define your Target

You define all workplace goals right from the start along with your entire team. If even one person on your team is out of the loop, it can result in a complete breakdown of the system. To make sure nothing is missed, each step requires setting and measuring goals.

Track, Rack, Monitor and Improve Rack

Setting your goals and targets is effective if you keep a record of everything. Monitoring your progress and measuring your successes will help you improve and solve problems and keep going. The more efficiently you track your progress, the more likely you are to achieve your goals


Do a Trend Analysis

A trend analysis will help you improve on past performance. You may also find better ways to perform routine tasks. And goals that are based on facts and figures are far stronger than goals based solely on speculation.